Palladium Inglewood: Mobility & Utility


Palladium Inglewood
Palladium Inglewood

Eek! I don’t know if you follow Solevoice, but last week I blogged about a shoe that caught my eye and I knew at the instant I touched it that it had to be mine. The first thing that drew me in was the color–bright orange. Oooh! It just got my heart pumping, because really, who has a pair of orange shoes? (Okay, admittedly, I did, but you get the idea.)

I liked that there was a sling back. And a wedge. And a diagonal mary-jane strap.

But, you know, sometimes beauty is only skin deep.

Then I tried on the Palladium Inglewood.

And they were soft as pillows, and the concealed platform made it feel like I was wearing a flat…not a wedge. And, amazingly, the shoe fit my wide foot very comfortably…no crowding of the toes or anything. I totally was not expecting that!

But only the test of time would reveal this shoe’s true character. After wearing these bad boys for almost a full day, the results are in. They’re still fabulous, and here’s a video that’s all about it:

As you can see, there are a few sensitive spots, but it’s overall a rather stunning shoe from a brand I really knew nothing about up until last week.

The Palladium Inglewood is available in both my orange color in addition to walnut on for $84.95. If you love the black or fancy a gray fabric, you can order them from Palladium’s official Web site.

Four-and-a-half stars! My new favorite pumpkin-colored shoe!!


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3 thoughts on “Palladium Inglewood: Mobility & Utility”

  1. That is stunning! My feelings are saying Yes! and my bank account is screaming, “NOOOOO!”.

    My my my. Lovely shoe. Hope you Solestruck carries this for some time to come.

    Oh, and thanks for the link love! =)

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