Yelp Portland Mashes it Up

Portland Photobooth
Portland Photobooth

Last night was the month’s hot event–the Portland Yelp Mash-Up Bash.

A few months ago, Yelpers came together at another Portland gallery to donate phone books to local artists, who would then recycle them to create magnificent works of art. And last night, we were able to see the fruits of their labors at the gorgeous Olympic Mills Commerce Center.

There were several impressive pieces–a dress made out of the books, a quilt, and even a pair of politically inspired kicks–and I even got a few photos in the Yelp installation. More display photos to come, as soon as they’re posted (this was the first event in a while that I wasn’t the official photog).

In addition to the amazing art, Portland Yelp Community Manager Laura N. procured lots of other free goodies for attendants. Guests enjoyed specialty beers, delicious sake from Sake2Me (the Ginger Mango was absolutely addictive), inspired cocktails by Dry Soda using Aviation Gin and Crater Lake Vodka (I’m talking kumquat or lemongrass drinkies). Catering by the Pearl’s own 50 Plates, the food was mouthwateringly delicious.

DJ RNA spun some sweet tunes on the dancefloor while everyone enjoyed the Portland Photobooth and disposable cameras.

One amazingly sweet event, and everything was absolutely perfect!


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