TiLT – 04 September 2008


Leanne Marshall

Have you guys been following the genius that is Project Runway? I’ve seriously never been into “reality” television. I think it’s often corny and irreverent and irrelevant. It’s the Wonder Bread of entertainment. And then there’s Bravo. What the hell? I could watch this station all day. Specifically Top Chef and Project Runway.

Who could resist Christian Siriano’s “fierce!” last season?

And this season? Ahhh, Leanne Marshall…Portland’s fashion pride and joy. Girl, you have done us right! And last night I found that the very well-hidden bar Tanker actually stops the music, and turns the volume up on the TV so a huge group of ladies can watch Miss Leanne on Wednesdays. Project Runway drink specials? Check. Free popcorn? Check. Black and glittery booths? Check, check, check. Loving it!

And Leanne dearest, we all hollered and clapped for you last night. Keep on making it work!

My Pets

My family has three pets that I love dearly, even if I am desperately allergic to them.

Two gorgeous cats–Oliver Raleigh (a Bermin) and Tucker (a gray partial Maine Coon)–and a ridiculously cute yet yappy Maltipoo Toby.

That’s about it…but I really love them a lot.

Chris Haberman

I have newly discovered one kickass artist in Portland. His work is inspired and edgy, and really makes viewers think about current social situations. But most of all, the paintings are incredibly beautiful and interesting to look at.

I’m going to an art opening tomorrow night at Olympic Mills, and I hope more of his work will be there. And there’s nothing quite as breathtaking as seeing the original work in person.

Le Bistro Montage

One of my favorite restaurants in Portland, this grimy place has lots of ‘tude. And lots of spice and lots of cheap, cheap, cheap macaroni bowls. And half-off bottles of wine on Mondays.

It’s got the Cajun flair, and you can get alligator, frog legs, crawfish beignets, and jumbalaya. And at Le Bistro Montage, the waiters are always sassy, and there’s always screaming in the kitchen.

And it’s underneath the Morrison Bridge. You can’t get much better than that.

Or can you?

If you have leftovers, they wrap up the goods in foil, and you never know quite what sort of creation you’ll be walking away with.


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3 thoughts on “TiLT – 04 September 2008”

  1. Barbara, I actually stopped by there briefly last night during First Thursday. Kickass, indeed! I’m looking forward to seeing what artists made out of phone books tonight at Olympic Mills!

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