One lucky girl

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Let me preface this post with the disclaimer that I never win anything. Seriously. I’m always the loser who carries away the cheap consolation prize. That said, I entered a giveaway over at Teeny Manolo, and to my surprise and elation, I won a whole bunch of Stila cosmetics!

I’ve never used Stila before, but from what I can gather, they’re really high-quality products. That being from what I’ve heard, and what I’ve observed thus far. All the cosmetics came in lovely minimalist natural-colored brown boxes. Most of the colors came in shades of nude or brown (with the exception of a nice lavender combo shadow pack), which is cool, and are colors that I now generally stick to (seeing I have pretty dark features and dark, dark eyes).

One of the pieces–a four-piece smoky eye kit–actually came in bronze. Which I hadn’t thought of before, because I normally use dark grays and black whenever I do a smoky eye. And I was totally taken off guard, because this palette actually talks to you. Full on. Press a button on the inside cover of the palette, and it will walk you through the application of the smoky eye. I haven’t listened to the recording in its entirety yet because I was more in shock and awe that my makeup was talking to me that I had to turn it off. But I will, and we’ll see how that goes.

Can’t wait to try it out!

And for those of you out there who are now writhing in rage, there’s still time for you! Teeny Manolo is doing another contest/giveaway–this time with haikus–and two people will win fabulous prize packages from Stila, too!

Thanks, Teeny Manolo!!


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3 thoughts on “One lucky girl”

  1. Hi Danielle, that shadow duo wasn’t broken, was it? It looks a little verklempt in that picture.

    Let me know, and I’m glad you like them, I tried grouping the colors in similar tones.

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