What goes around comes around: Plastic shoes!

Melissa Night Spots
Melissa Night Spots

A few years ago, my sister excitedly brought home a pair of plastic, see-through sneakers. I didn’t get it. She bought them solely for its namesake–which she shared–Melissa. I’d never heard of the brand, and I shrugged it off.

Until last week, when I was reintroduced to the Brazilian brand. It seemed like everyone and their dogs were talking about the cool new shoes, how Vivienne Westwood was designing a line, and how the loverly Agyness Deyn was fond of them. And all the shoes are made of sustainable and eco-friendly recycled plastic. The company also partners with a slew of nonprofit organizations.

Okay, you’ve got my attention now. Surprisingly, their styles are all ridiculously cute and lust-worthy. And I knew it was too good to be true. Wouldn’t plastic irritate your foot? Wouldn’t you get all sweaty and gross?

Well, lucky me, I got to go to a boutique sale yesterday–Bargain Hunting 101–where tons of different Portland boutiques lined up to basically throw deals at us. I’d been to things similar to this, and no one really brought shoes. But to my surprise, one of the booths that caught my eye happened to not only have a fair selection of footwear, but also carried a few styles of Melissa shoes! I could recognize that plastic from anywhere!

Then, like a diamond in the rough, I found my treasure: a pair of purple flats screaming my name. And they even had my size! And, what’s more, they fit!

I happily handed over my $25 (they were originally $65) and was on my merry way.

So today was the test.

Melissa Night Spots
Melissa Night Spots

These Melissa Night Spots Flats are made from a matteified plastic with one band that curves from the outstep of the heel to the instep of the toe, for a pretty sliming look on my hulk-a-rific foot. The slightly curved, slightly pointed toe is perfect and shows off just a teensy tiny bit of cleavage. And the adorable dots just add another fun touch.

As far as flats go, these are on-par with some of my favorites, stylewise and comfortwise.

And…the plastic does not irritate my foot! I don’t know how they do it, but these shoes that take less than a minute to make have no sharp or unfiled edges to rub harshly against the foot. And this is quite a feat, considering that my foot is crazy enough to be injured by Danskos.

Now, not much is going to stop my foot from sweating, and that’s probably my one complaint–there’s not  a whole lot of circulation going on with these babies. But I can live with that.

Fabulosity isn’t always perfection. But it’s awfully close.


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2 thoughts on “What goes around comes around: Plastic shoes!”

  1. Fabulosity… did you make up that word? Sounds very cool. I’m going to use it, too. =)

    Those are some cute flats. The diagonal strap is unique and the shape looks great on you. And eco-friendly, too!

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