Portland is WIN for life!

Portland, from an apartment.
Portland, from an apartment.

So yesterday, there was this talk thread on Yelp.com that was all abuzz because this random Web site, I-Traveler, launched and decided to do a tournament to determine the “best city in America.” Now, I’ll overlook the obvious syntactical and logical errors there, and go on to say that it was kind of a fun idea. Unoriginal (I mean, what culture magazine or newspaper hasn’t already done something similar to that?), but still kind of fun.

The winners of each bracket were determined by voters. Competing cities included New York City, Miami, Seattle, Orlando, Chicago, Austin, Philadelphia, Boston, Honolulu, New Orleans, Dallas, Las Vegas, Denver, Pittsburgh, Houston, Portland, Providence, Atlanta, Phoenix, Nashville, Charleston, San Francisco, San Jose, San Antonio, Memphis, Detroit, Tampa, Los Angeles, Baltimore, and Minneapolis.

And the winner?

Portland, Oregon, of course!

Yes, it’s true: P-Town beat them all out. Even New York.

Are you really surprised, though?

I’m not being a hater, but as one of the few native Portlanders, I truly realize the city’s weirdness and grandeur! I’d be hard pressed to find any other city that is quite as eccentric and diverse. And cool. And hip. And green! And smog-free!

So if you didn’t have enough reasons to move to the City of Roses, then add this to the list: It’s the best city in America!



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