Hold me closer Tony Danza

Pastry Glam Fruit Ballerina and Saint Cupcakes
Pastry Glam Fruit Ballerina and Saint Cupcakes

Have I mentioned that I’m a sugar fiend? I mean, it’s up there with caffeine. Except I don’t go through withdrawals. I just like it…a lot.

Hello. My name is Danielle, and I’m a sugar addict.

My friends tell me it’s time to go to rehab (but I said, “No, no, NO!”).

Anyhoozles, a few months ago, I was commissioned to take a day, walk around downtown Portland, and take photos of shoes. We ended up only using one image, and it was cut out so you couldn’t really see the background, but it was super fun nonetheless. Anyway, one of the requirements set by my boss was that he wanted Saint Cupcakes to be in the photos (we were photographing some Pastry shoes). I’d been jonesing to get my hands on some of their legendary goodness, so of course I obliged to the request.

When we finally got there, it was adorable inside, and there were several cupcakes to be had. And since it was a photo shoot, we obviously had to get several…from turtle cupcakes to chai to chocolate cupcakes with cream-cheese frosting. Oh, yeahhhh! To make a long story short, they were delicious. But that’s not really what my story is about.

While we were waiting for one of the guys to box up our cakes (they even come with special compartments so the cupcakes don’t slip around in the box!) I noticed that instead of business cards, they had a big pile of stickers about the same size with silly cupcake-ish sayings on them. I grabbed a few and didn’t think much of it. They’ve been sitting in my desk ever since.

Several St. Cupcake cards!
Several St. Cupcake cards!

Until this morning. I remember having a card that said something about Tony Danza. Really random, right? Well, the other week, I was at a rooftop film at Hotel deLuxe, and my friends Laura and David started referencing this episode of Friends, and began singing, “Hold me closer, Tony Danza,” to the tune of Tiny Dancer. So I went to the drawer to grab it so I could give her the Tony Danza card. (It said “What would Tony Danza do?” by the way.)

I had a whole pile of them, so as I was looking through them, I found one absolute GEM.


Did you see my post wishing you all a happy Shark Week?

One of the cards says “shark week.”


Don’t ask me how this pertains to cupcakes at all, but it’s just another reason why Saint Cupcake rules!

It may or may not be sitting on my desk at this moment.


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3 thoughts on “Hold me closer Tony Danza”

  1. Girl, you have the best job in the world!!! Sounds fun as hell!!

    Thanks to you, I’m seriously drooling over cupcakes. I visited St. Cupcakes’ website and checked out the goods. The following look sooooo good: Lemon Berry, Chocolate with Buttercream, Red Velvet (+ the one for Vegans), Hot Fudge on Chocolate and the Fat Elvis.

    Those cards totally explain your “Shark Week” and “Tony Danza” captions on Gmail. =)

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