I love my skimmers

Since I haven’t had a pedi for a while, I decided to try something that I could wear with capris besides sandals.

Balloon skimmers
Check out THESE She-Hulks! But I love my balloon skimmers too much to care.

Last year, I went through a major skimmer phase. They’re fantastic, so can you really blame me? Just enough sneaker comfort with just enough femininity with fabric that doesn’t cover your entire foot. Most of the ones I got were from Hot Topic! That place is sort of my guilty pleasure…I love all the gutsy fashion and makeup, and they have a surprisingly amazing selection of shoes!

While I have several pair–ranging from ones with penguins to hearts and skulls to polka-dots–my favorite by far (and that unfortunately means smelliest, too, because you can’t really wear socks with them) are ones with heart-shaped balloons on them by Saints and Sailors. Unfortunately, they’re sold out, but they’re pretty fab.

Now, I normally play it relatively safe with my footwear. Or at least I did until I started working for Solestruck.com. I suppose I should look at these skimmers as a prelude to that relatively new obsession. I mean, really, what matches shoes with pastel balloons on them?

Anyhow, I’m not always the matchy-matchy sort, so I’ve been known to not only wear them with capris (like today), but also with skirts, khakis, and even nice black slacks. Sometimes it’s fun when you do something totally crazy! People respect you for that!

Or they just look at you funny….


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3 thoughts on “I love my skimmers”

  1. Wow, D! Those are hella cuuuuuute and they look great on your very pretty She-Hulks [yours are hardly She-Hulks since they don’t have veins and guts popping out of them like mine].

    I share your guilty pleasure — I Heart Hot Topic!

  2. I admit it; I wear skimmers or ballet flats almost daily. I’m a junior high librarian, and paired with a cute skirt and a cardigan sweater, I really rock the whole nerdy but hot librarian look.

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