Turquoise nails…I’ve jumped the bandwagon

When I was younger, I was all about painted nails. Then I just sort of stopped bothering. I have troves of the stuff, mostly cheap polish, but in just about every color of the rainbow.

Turquoise Nails Rock!
Turquoise Nails Rock!

But then Katrina over at Puglyfeet got me so worked up over her love of turquoise nail polish that I had to give myself a manicure. I remember a few years ago, after searching to no avail, I settled for some turquoise-ish polish, that, upon recent investigation, ended up being too dark and too blue.

Any of you who know me knows that when it comes to precision, I am one picky lady. And I am picky about my turquoises! Most nail polishes–if you can find anything resembling turquoise–is either too blue or too green. And then they’re either too dark or too light. The one that I found in my cosmetics drawer happened to be too blue AND too dark, making it almost an aqua-cerulean color. If that makes sense.

So yesterday, during my lunch, I ran over to Target just to see what they had. And lo and behold, I found the perfect turquoise. And it’s actually called “Turquoise Seas,” distributed by New York Color. So it was cheap. But the color? An absolutely perfect mix (and brightness) of blue and green, with a light metallic overtone.

The polish painted on a little thin, so I had to do three coats, and then I get really impatient with my nails, and now the polish is a little cracked or “bunched” where I touched it while wet, but other than that, it works great! Yay! I love it, and feel like a mermaid or something…just because my nails are the perfect aqua now!

Now, on to another frustration: Why can you really only find black nail polish in regular stores (e.g., Target, Fred Meyer, Walgreens) around Halloween time? I mean, that was the hot color last year. Hrmph.


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2 thoughts on “Turquoise nails…I’ve jumped the bandwagon”

  1. I found a similar color by Opi at Walgreens a couple of weeks ago and I liked it a lot. I bought it, and so now, I have a few shades of blue. Looks fab on you, Danielle!

    Hey, I’m still keeping my eyes open for stray bottles of Turquoise Blue at Sephora (I pass by on my way home)… if they become available, I’ll send them to you and Katie. I know she could use some blue for her wedding. =)

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