Si tu Disais

Calexico in concert
Calexico in concert

It’s hard to be a responsible adult! You know, to have to say “no” to going out every night in order to make the rent. But before I came to this rather timely realization, I bought myself a Calexico concert ticket for a show in September.

Fine, laugh, I don’t care. I really love this band of middle-aged dudes from Tucson. I was introduced to them by Doug, one of my friends from El Con, last summer when we did some applied anthropology on the US-Mexico border at Agua Prieta, Sonora. He explained to me that this music embodies the border so perfectly. And as time progressed, I found that it did. Fit it to a T. It was amazing. I even used several of their songs for an ethnographic film I put together afterward.

Anyway, I’ve been going through a Dandy Warhols phase lately. Well, them and Mexican Institute of Sound. But the last few days, I’ve been chilling to Calexico tunes.

Today, I listened to this one song–“Si Tu Disais”–on repeat. All day. I’m still listening to it. It was one of those songs that I started out not liking, and now really love. I decided to look up the lyrics so I could change my gchat status, and then it all came together. The lyrics…they completely resonate.

I love it when music does that.

Even if it is country-ish music and I normally loathe the stuff.

Read the lyrics behind the cut:

If you said let’s go
if you said i’m sick of this place
i would listen to you
i wouldn’t hesitate
and whether it’s for a town
a godforsaken place
it wouldn’t bother me
i’d be ready as if
i was waiting
if you said up to now
we’ve gotten by with the blues
i would agree
i would answer that it’s true
every wall, every crack
i am sick and tired of this place
if you said only this
i’d be ready as if
i was waiting
if you said let’s go
if you said it was time
i would listen to you
i’ve been ready for a while
but you never say
you never decide
never think of what we could do
i don’t know why you’re still here


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