Five things I kind of love…

White Mocha Freeze from Dutch Bros.
White Mocha Freeze from Dutch Bros.

1. I am obsessed with coffee. That’s no secret. I will devour it, and take no prisoners! There is a Dutch Brothers that is [almost] on my way to work. So of course it goes without saying that I stop there most days, and the baristas all know me, etc., etc. Since it’s been getting pretty warm, I’ve been celebrating with their Dutch Freezes.

One thing that I love about this place–beside the fact that it’s local–is that you can perfectly customize any drink. They have about a billion sugar-free syrups that taste awesome (not gross and saccharine). Want your Freeze to be nonfat? Okay! Sugarfree? Even better! They also do smoothies and a rendition of an Italian soda with Red Bull that will give you jitters!

My drink du jour? A triple blended White Mocha. Mmm! They add an extra shot for extra goodness. Also noteworthy freezes include the Milky Way (caramel mocha) and 9-1-1 (get it large…it’s got SIX espresso shots!!).

Oh, and this place is ridiculously cheap! However, Starbucks is rivaling now with the Iced Doubleshot with Energy for a relatively low price. Except they don’t do punch cards!

Glee Gum and the Chocolate Traveler
Glee Gum and the Chocolate Traveler

2. Waiting in line at the grocery store is dangerous territory.

Last night, I went to Trader Joe’s for some last-minute shopping. They have all sorts of awesome stuff (including a freakishly great wine selection) from green curry to frozen orange soycream. So I suppose it goes without saying that instead of M&Ms, Orbit gum, and nail clippers at the checkstand, Trader Joe’s opts for passionfruit fruit leathers, soy granola bars, and organic lollipops.

And the flashy packaging! I can’t handle it! Once I saw the vintage-inspired packaging of the Glee Gum, it was all downhill from there. Now, I’ve tried the natural gums from health-food stores, and it tasted like someone was trying to punish you for having an oral fixation. This stuff actually tastes good! And it’s apparently made with rainforest chicle!

Oh, oh, oh! And they also know that I love chocolate. What’s that? Something in an Altoids-esque tin called “The Chocolate Traveler”? Were we made for one another or something? These are bittersweet chocolate wedges so I can get my cocoa fix on the go. In a really cool tin. Yeah!

3. Mexican Institute of Sound

‘Nuff said?

Okay, so it started with Mexico City resident Camilo Lara. And it’s Spanish electronica infused with old movie lines and a little bit of rap. It’s really awesome ambient chill-out music, and I recommend it to everyone.

Check out the site and some tunes here!

4. Switchflops?!


Is it totally impractical for you to get 10 new pairs of flip-flops this summer to match every one of your outfits? Or does your style change as often as your mood?

Switchflops has it covered!

Begin with a few different styles of flip-flop sandal bases…and only expand from there.

The secret? The thong straps are made with Velcro! Yup! That means that with tons of strap options, the combinations can be endless, and you can surprise your friends all year with constantly changing shoes!

They’re all super-cute and work for any occasion, and come in lots of feminine styles, many of them with adorable details over the toe!

Bret and Jemaine of Flight of the Conchords
Bret and Jemaine of Flight of the Conchords

5. Flight of the Conchords.

Mention Bret or Jemaine, and my heart goes pitter-patter.

This duo is toted as New Zealand’s fourth most popular comedy band. They’ve also got one hilarious show on HBO about their trials and tribulations of trying to be a successful band in New York.

Once you watch the show a few times, you’ll also be singing along to the absurdly funny lyrics to songs like “Beautiful Girl,” “Hiphopopotomus vs. Rhymenocerous,” and “Business Time.”

Ahh! I can’t wait until the next season!


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5 thoughts on “Five things I kind of love…”

  1. Switchflops — how ingenious! And the Mexican Institute of Sound — how cool! I’ll be visiting their Myspace page often for tunes.

    As far as the other items on your love list, I love, too (sending you a virtual high 5)! Have you gotten FOTC’s cd? It’s FOTC on the go.

  2. Well, I haven’t gotten around to purchasing the official album, but I have a bunch of tracks that were taken directly from the DVDs, and I frequently listen to them at work if I’m having a bad day!

  3. Try the quad-shot Annihilator at Dutch Bros. in the 12 oz. cup. You will never go back.

    Switchflops – Very cool idea.

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