Keychains get right to the point

Yesterday, I met a friend in the Pearl for lunch, and afterward we wanted to check out this boutique to see if they had Sigg bottles on sale. Well, the Sigg bottles were pretty much the only thing not on sale, but I’m still glad we went.

MistressThe place? Cheeky B. I’m in love. And now I’m a mistress, too. I’ve got the keychain to prove it!

My “mistress” keychain was one of many straightforward keychains featured on one of their tables. For $4, you can get one there, too, to suit your labeling needs. Even if you’re not a mistress!

Other keychains said things like, “lover,” “missing key,” “work,” “boyfriend,” etc., etc.

So if you’re in Portland, get ’em while they’re still hot! Until Sunday, they’re 25% off, which means you’ll pay a measly $3 for the cuteness!


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2 thoughts on “Keychains get right to the point”

  1. That’s it … next time I’m downtown, I’m dragging my man to the Pearl district so I can check out Cheeky B. Between this post and the rave reviews on Yelp, I can’t rest until I see this place for myself.

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