Geisha is the new black?

Whenever I photograph shoes, countless thoughts run through my head. Words just feverishly jumping about, or scrolling along like a banner. Sometimes I’m reminded of Disney Princesses, and other times I wonder who the heck would even want to put a particular pair on their feet.

Today it was all about the Jessica Simpsons. Now, please do not misinterpret this. I am NOT a fan of this person or her music. Or her acting endeavors. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that I have absolutely no reason for disliking her, but I do. Which makes the fact that I adore her shoe line all the more difficult to own.

Jessica Simpson Jovic in Rose
Jessica Simpson Jovic in Rose

But today, I was photographing some Jessica Simpson Jovics, and I had to second-guess myself. The shoe (pictured at the right) is a mid-rise pump (a big plus for those of you who are not into killing your feet) with a patent leather upper with a nice ombre effect (see how the shadow moves from rose at the toe to dark brown at the heel?). I like the square-ish peep toe, and the squarely sculpted heel post is cool, too.

But if you look closely at the platform, you’ll see that it’s a little bit inset, and almost tiered looking. It’s pretty geometrical, and very unique looking.

So when I was photographing them and trying to write a description, the best thing I could relate them to was a pair of classic Japanese Geisha shoes. Although the platform on this particular shoe is only about a quarter-inch, the way that it is tiered reminds me of the platforms that Geishas wear (pictured left).

Geisha sandals
Geisha sandals

While this is one of the first shoes I’ve personally encountered with such a platform, I’m wondering if Geisha-inspired shoes are going to be a big, new trend.

I mean, seriously, though. We’ve got the Greco-Roman-inspired gladiator sandals all over the place. So when are we going to move a little further East and make a stop to be inspired by Japan?

Geisha: Is it the new black?


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2 thoughts on “Geisha is the new black?”

  1. Brilliant topic for one of your first posts. Love it. Seriously. Totally understand what you mean about JS too … the woman, her acting and her music are blah, but those shoes!! I honestly might go home with a pair today 🙂

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