Thoughts on my Crossfit/WW Journey


Being Part of Crossfit

The power of the team—An experience during which I learn it’s not always beneficial to be the Lone Wolf.

Crossfit 101: Don’t cheat on burpees—Seriously. You want to progress in your training? Don’t do it.

Inspirational, motivational, me

Crossfit 101: Don’t be an asshole

There’s no crying in Crossfit?—I cry. Do you?

Why I Crossfit—The inaugural blog post

On Competing

I did what I said I wouldn’t do again…

The Xs & Ys: No “I” in Team


I am Strong(wo)man! HEAR ME ROAR!

Becoming Daddy’s little girl—Hope you like crying. This one will probably make you do just that.

Bruises: My battle wounds


Touched—YouTube 3v features DK Gets Fit

I get a Sunday Chat!

Weight Loss/Body Image

…and then there was this time I lost 3.4# and cried on the scale—I worked hard, and got under 200# for the first time in my entire adult life.

This one time I made Bacon Toffee; or, This week I gained 3.4 pounds—Everyone makes mistakes. How can we make them and not kill ourselves trying to get over them?

When your mind doesn’t match your body. Or the scale.—What it means to go through a plateau while still making progress elsewhere.

Redo: THE doctor—I return to the place it all began

A success story—That one time I actually walked through the doors at WW.

The story about my student ID—Changing body, changing photos.

My relationship with food—Do you hear the food calling? No? Just me, I guess….

Busting through a plateau—The dreaded plateau. Can it be overcome?

WW vs. Crossfit—Does there need to be a line between Weight Watchers and Crossfit?

Spring cleaning—I’m shrinking out of my clothes!

Attitude Adjustments

What does it mean to be “cerebral”?—Sometimes you just gotta…calm your mind and not think so much.

Do-Over—That one time when you get a second chance to succeed at something you once failed at

What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?

On becoming an athlete

Mental blocks


PROJECT HYDRATION: Week 1—My first week drinking a gallon of water each day

Pfft! Screw this injury!

The value in time off?

Increased mobility and taking time for myself

Events and Milestones

The Garage Games: Xs & Ys, 03/31/12

The Xs & Ys: No “I” in Team

In-House Strongman, 12/03/11

Road to the competition, or, HELL YEAH!

Road to the competition, or OH SHIT! (PART II)

Road to the competition, or OH SHIT!—I’m competing in the ACF Strongman on 12/3/11!

Fall Face-Off, 10/29/11

Big announcement!

Row for the Red Cross, March 2011

Row, row, row your 5k

Sucking and Failing

On being humbly humbled

My failed 5k attempt

Conflicting feelings

Sucking on sucks and then moving on

One thought on “Thoughts on my Crossfit/WW Journey”

  1. Started off strong. Finished the row in 3:58. Feeling pertty good into the thrusters, until the 15 mark. Struggled through the rest of this one. Finished in 14:10 which was dead LAST! I’m proud that I finished every rep. My shoulder protested yet again tonight but I do feel like the mobility, icing and other work I’m doing for it seem to be making some improvement. Used the green band for the pull ups, and finished only 2 minutes behind the time I projected I would complete the WOD so maybe it wasn’t too bad overall. Happy birthday Wayne!

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