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Things I Love Thursday

♥/♥/♥/♥ La Virgen Jewelry Last year, I spent a month doing anthropological field work in Mexico. When I was down there, I noticed that seriously everyone was walking around wearing these little wooden bracelets with images of saints and the Virgin of Guadalupe. I soon went on a frantic search, basically because they were so … Continue reading

I love my skimmers

Since I haven’t had a pedi for a while, I decided to try something that I could wear with capris besides sandals. Last year, I went through a major skimmer phase. They’re fantastic, so can you really blame me? Just enough sneaker comfort with just enough femininity with fabric that doesn’t cover your entire foot. … Continue reading

Back to Basics: Chinese Mary Janes

Um, I’m obsessed with mary janes. I realize that the look isn’t necessarily flattering on everyone, but I wear them anyway. I remember when I was a little kid, I had this pair of really oldschool mary janes. The super-cheap cotton ones with the terra-cotta rubber sole. I’m sure we’ve all had a pair. Anyway, … Continue reading

Turquoise nails…I’ve jumped the bandwagon

When I was younger, I was all about painted nails. Then I just sort of stopped bothering. I have troves of the stuff, mostly cheap polish, but in just about every color of the rainbow. But then Katrina over at Puglyfeet got me so worked up over her love of turquoise nail polish that I … Continue reading

Geisha is the new black?

Whenever I photograph shoes, countless thoughts run through my head. Words just feverishly jumping about, or scrolling along like a banner. Sometimes I’m reminded of Disney Princesses, and other times I wonder who the heck would even want to put a particular pair on their feet. Today it was all about the Jessica Simpsons. Now, … Continue reading

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