What is DK Gets Fit?

DK Gets Fit is my little corner of the universe in which I am totally narcissistic and talk about myself. Well…that’s not really all true. I segued from Elle in Wonderland (you can read about that below) to DK Gets Fit after I decided that Elle in Wonderland was no longer meaningful to me. Shoes and fashion and stuff is super fun, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t relatable. It was very surface-level and shallow, falling into the category of outfit posts and how a girl should look. It was no longer for me, and it no longer made me interested.

Very first WOD, November 2010
Very first WOD, November 2010
Recently, 7 September 2011
Recently, 7 September 2011

In November 2010, I started dabbling in the world of Crossfit. I’ve always hated loathed exercise, so it was surprising to me when I found something that I could not only tolerate, but actually look forward to participating in. The more I went, the more impassioned I became…and soon enough, the changes followed.

I can’t say that my only goal with Crossfit is to lose weight. It’s one of many. But it’s definitely a happy side-effect.

And really, I think that a lot of people can relate to what I’m going through right now—in this very instance. Lots of people struggle not only with their bodies, but also with their fitness, their food, their lives. I’m hoping that, perhaps, someone can look at my stories and gain something for themselves. I want to become the support network that my Crossfit family has become for me.

Who is DK?

DK is Elle is Danielle. We’re all the same person. DK is the first (and pretty much only) official nickname that one of my friends gave me approximately 4 years ago, and it actually stuck. People at Crossfit started calling me DK after one of the coaches (*cough*Kevin*cough*) couldn’t remember my name.

What was Elle in Wonderland?

Elle in Wonderland was the experimental blog of a creative, knowledge-driven, strong-willed twentysomething living in upstate New York (I’m still all these things, by the by), via the Pacific Northwest. The blog aimed to be an extension of her official website, providing those interested an insight into her life and current events. Elle in Wonderland showcased her photography, her insane shoe collection, and her random thoughts (take out the shoe part, and we’re still almost there).

Who is Elle?

Elle is actually Danielle! It’s her nickname and persona, and it’s been used in some capacity while column writing for about four years. Danielle is a writer, photographer, graphic designer, and overall awesome person, working for several newspapers, an online shoe boutique, and even a small PR firm. She is a 2007 graduate from Western Oregon University and has a degree in anthropology, which many people think is random, considering her love of words and reading (most of her best friends actually thought she was getting a degree in English!).

She loves all things delightful, red lipstick, shoes, warm beds, and music. She’s an enthusiast of her Italian heritage, and is the loving sister of kittens Tucker and Oliver Raleigh and maltipoo Tobias. She left her heart in Arizona and Mexico, after spending a month there doing field work on the US-Mexico Border during the summer of 2007. The experience has strongly shaped the woman she is today. In fact, she’s currently in a PhD program at the University at Albany focusing studies on this exact area. She’s probably talked about it at length in one of her posts.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Danielle,

    I stumbled upon your Crossfit YouTube story last night and it really spoke to me. Last December, I started Crossfit at, oddly enough, 293 pounds. At the time, I was following a low-fat vegetarian diet. In March, I went carnivore and converted to full on Paleo. I feel like I learned a lot about nutrition from both but that neither really works for me for weight-loss (…and I hate it when people tell me not to look at the freaking scale. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? At 293, THE NUMBER DOES MATTER.) Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I started WW on-line. My thought is to eat really clean, unprocessed food, but to do it within the context of WW. It was awesome to see that someone else in the Crossfit community uses WW as a weight-loss plan…validation that perhaps I’m on the right path.

    Think I’ll dive in to some of your blog now. Have a good one!

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